Localized RNAs in a Mouse Cell 1

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Title: Localized RNAs in a Mouse Cell 1
Description: RNAs (red) localized at the periphery of a mouse cell grown on a micro-patterned surface. Cyan label shows the overall distribution of polyadenylated mRNAs. Targeting of mRNA molecules to specific subcellular regions can spatially regulate gene expression within individual cells. The tumor suppressor protein APC, whose mutation initiates progression of colorectal cancers, is important for localizing RNAs at the tips of cellular protrusions. Compromising this function in cancer cells could contribute to tumor progression.

This image was originally submitted as part of the 2015 NCI Cancer Close Up project.
Topics/Categories: Cells or Tissue -- Normal Cells or Tissue
Type: Color, Photo (JPEG format)
Source: NCI Center for Cancer Research
Creator: Sarah Clatterbuck Soper, Voula Mili
Date Created: 2014
Date Added: April 9, 2015
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