Niederhuber, John

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Title: Niederhuber, John
Description: John Niederhuber, former Director, National Cancer Institute (2006 - 2010) standing at a podium speaking: "Sometimes, in the course of our lives, we talk about being in the right place at the right time. Sometimes we may speak of destiny or fate or direction. However we choose to interpret them, I believe that these important crossroads in life are about recognizing and grasping opportunities, and making all you can of them."

Swearing-in Ceremony for Dr. John Niederhuber.
Subjects (names): John Niederhuber
Topics/Categories: National Cancer Institute -- Directors
Type: Color, Photo (JPEG format)
Source: National Cancer Institute
Creator: Ernie Branson (Photographer)
Date Created: October 18, 2006
Date Added: April 24, 2007
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