Computer Graphic of Tgf-beta

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Title: Computer Graphic of Tgf-beta
Description: A computer graphic of tgf-beta molecule. Tgf-beta belongs to a superfamily of fetal inducers and regressors, which signal specific patterns of cellular differentiation. Tgf-beta, a cytokine with three different isoforms, regulates many cellular functions including cell proliferation, differentiation, adhesion and migration. Four novel receptors were characterized that also act as serine/threonine kinases and one of these appears to be a tgf-beta receptor.
Topics/Categories: Cells or Tissue -- Normal Cells or Tissue
Type: Color, Photo (JPEG format)
Source: Dr. Michael Sporn
Creator: Unknown Photographer
AV Number: AV-9403-4067
Date Created: March 1994
Date Added: January 1, 2001
Reuse Restrictions: None - This image is in the public domain and can be freely reused. Please credit the source and, where possible, the creator listed above.