Grinding Yew Bark for Paclitaxel 1991

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Title: Grinding Yew Bark for Paclitaxel 1991
Description: After the bark was peeled off the Pacific yew tree it was ground up; the cancer drug paclitaxel was then extracted and purified. Samples of the bark were first collected in 1962 by researchers from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) who were under contract to the National Cancer Institute to find natural products that might cure cancer. In 1977 paclitaxel, also known by its trade name, Taxol, was selected by NCI as a candidate for clinical development. In the 1990s, NCI partnered with the pharmaceutical industry to produce a semisynthetic form of the compound, which is now used for the treatment of various cancers.
Topics/Categories: Historical -- Technology and Treatment
Treatment -- Chemotherapy
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Source: Mike Trumball, Hauser Northwest
Creator: Unknown Photographer
AV Number: AV-9104-3763
Date Created: April 1991
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