Kaposi's Sarcoma

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Title: Kaposi's Sarcoma
Description: Long-term cultured AIDS-KS (Kaposi's Sarcoma) cells were injected into a nude mouse. Within 5 days a subcutaneous lesion formed in the induced region with a marked angiogenic response. A cross-section of these new blood vessel formations appear as open spaces, where one can see dividing epithelial cells and some red blood cells. The cells were stained with a Wright-Gimsa stain and are seen at a magnification of 100x.

See also www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/types/AIDS.
Topics/Categories: Cancer Types -- AIDS-Related
Cancer Types -- Kaposi Sarcoma
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Source: National Cancer Institute
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AV Number: AV-8900-3411
Date Created: 1989
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