Office of Cancer Investigations

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Title: Office of Cancer Investigations
Description: The Office of Cancer Investigations from Cambridge, Massachusetts, whose staff became part of the first National Cancer Institute during the summer of 1939 shortly before moving into building 6 in October. Front (l-r): J. Trovato, D. Howard, R. Robin, T. Shovelton, R. O'Gara, D. Silverman, F. Linnell, J. Stasio, F. Turner (Medical Director). Center: M. Shear, H. Stewart, H. Grady, H. Andervont, E. Lorenz, J. Leiter, A. Perrault. Rear: F. Kennedy, W. McEheney, J. Hartwell, M. Shimkin, J. Murphy, W. Gately, H. Meyer.
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Date Created: September 1939
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