McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research

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Title: McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research
Description: Virginia March (no additional information about her) painting mouse with hydrocarbons to induce tumors at the McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research. According to Wikipedia (June 2014), the Laboratory was established by private citizens in 1940 as one of the first basic cancer research facilities in the world. In its early years, a major focus of McArdle's research program centered on studies of chemical carcinogenesis. McArdle scientists established the basis of the chemical induction of various cancers and discovered how known carcinogens initiate the genetic changes in cells that result in tumor formation. Early studies also focused on the biochemistry of cancer cells and how they differ from normal cells. Gradually the focus of the research program was expanded to other areas of cancer research including the role of viruses in the causation of cancer and, more recently, the roles of oncogenes and developmental processes in cancer.
Subjects (names): Virginia March
Topics/Categories: Animals
Historical -- People
Historical -- Technology and Treatment
Type: B&W, Photo
Source: G. Terry Sharrer. National Museum Of American History.
Creator: Unknown Photographer
AV Number: AV-0000-4327
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