Nanoparticles in Breast Cancer Metastases

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Title: Nanoparticles in Breast Cancer Metastases
Description: Targeting receptors that are overexpressed by cancer cells has been a successful precision oncology approach, but not all cancer cells in the same tumor overexpress the same receptors. Drugs capable of targeting multiple receptors have the potential to be even more effective. This image shows metastatic triple-negative breast cancer cells (green) that overexpress two receptors (EGFR, blue, and αVβ3 integrin, red) that play different roles in cancer development. Researchers linked molecules (ligands) that target each of these receptors to one nanoparticle. These dual-ligand nanoparticles were capable of binding to the majority of metastatic breast cancer cells in a mouse's lung.
Topics/Categories: Cancer Types -- Breast Cancer
Science and Technology -- Nanotechnology
Type: Color, Photo (JPEG format)
Source: National Cancer Institute \ Case Western Reserve University
Creator: Felicia He, William Schiemann, Pubudu Peiris, Efstathios Karathanasis
Date Created: November 2016
Date Added: March 20, 2017
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